CASS builds and supports members’ leadership capacity
and provides career long professional learning opportunities.

Workplace Wellness Webinars

System education leaders recognize wellness as the thread that strengthens the capacity to meet Alberta’s professional practice standards. They invest the time and resources to foster system-wide, comprehensive, collaborative wellness practices, leading to improved staff performance and healthy learning communities focused on student outcomes. In support, CASS  has organized three webinars to support your professional practice and the design of your school authority’s workplace wellness plan:

  • April 27, 2021 – “Why” a Workplace Wellness Plan
  • May 11, 2021 – What is involved in the workplace wellness plan” and who or how will you get it all done?
  • May 25, 2021 – How will you know if your workplace wellness efforts are causing a positive impact?

Each webinar will be based on Alberta stories of practice and CASS’ workplace wellness resourcesRegister today; the fee is $40 for each individual session or $110 for all three.

About CASS Professional Learning

CASS supports  the Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard from Alberta Education which provides a common frame of reference for defining professional practice.    CASS professional learning opportunities and resources will support Superintendents and System Leaders in building their professional practice capacity in order to support quality school leadership and teaching to create optimum learning for all students in Alberta.

Practice Profiles for both Superintendents and System Leaders have been developed to support personal reflection on professional practice.

CASS has designed professional learning opportunities based on a comprehensive professional learning plan. What is a Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan?
The CASS comprehensive professional learning plan includes a number of components that support superintendents’ and system leaders’ professional practice. Learn More…

Professional Learning

Planning for Implementation