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2019 CASS Fall Conference

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Keynote: Liberating Learning – Education Change as a Social Movement
Santiago Rincón-Gallardo

Turning our schools into vibrant places for learning and living examples of the societies we aspire to become will require deep and widespread cultural change in classrooms, schools, and entire educational systems. Throughout history, social movements have been the most powerful vehicles for widespread cultural change, and in their logic of operation lie the keys to liberating learning. Building on his previous keynote at the Annual conference, Santiago will discuss the importance of deliberately transforming the pedagogical core, creating cultures of robust collaboration within and between school divisions, and leveraging and influencing the larger education system. Furthermore, he will offer key principles of action to turn leadership into a vehicle to liberate learning across Alberta.

Santiago will also offer follow up concurrent sessions and have time available to meet with school authority teams.  He will also offer a concluding keynote based on “witnessing” CASS members learning and reflecting research based on the Alberta context.






Eva Olsson is a survivor of the Holocaust. 61 years ago, she experienced several extermination camps including the most notorius, Auschwitz. She survived the Holocaust, along with her sister, however her entire family was gone. She was born in Szatsmar, Hungary in October 1924 into a poor family of Hasidic Jews. “I cannot live in the past, but I must live with it. Perhaps writing my story will weaken the hold the past has had on me.” Olsson says since 1996 she began rediscovering her story to several schools, univeristies, colleges, and churches.

Eva Olsson has also received several awards including honor Doctorate Degree in Education, Excellence in Education Award, Women of Distinction Award, Peacemaker of the Year Award, and United Nations Guest Speaker. She has also published a book about her experiences Unlocking Doors, and a CD entitled Stronger than Fire. The novel is becoming a Canadian bestseller. Dr. Eva Olsson continues to share her story across North America, intending to touch future generations on reoccuring themes of today such as racism and prejudices.

Santiago Rincón-Gallardo is an education consultant and Chief Research Officer with Michael Fullan’s team. He conducts research and advises system leaders and educators on advancing whole system reform for instructional improvement. Santiago worked for over a decade promoting grassroots pedagogical innovation in Mexican public schools serving historically marginalized communities. His academic work explores how effective pedagogies for deep learning can spread at scale. Santiago holds an Ed.D on Education Policy, Leadership and Instructional Practice and an Ed.M in International Education Policy from Harvard. He completed post-doctoral studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. He lives in Toronto with his wife and their two sons.

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Conference goals:

Deepening the understanding and applying the learning to further a commitment to action and support implementation of the professional practice standard(s). (2018-19)


November 6 (evening) - 8, 2019


Conference occurs at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino 1000, 11500 – 35 Street SE Calgary, Alberta T2Z 3W4

Group code: TJCASS19, Service Plus CASS–2648 or state “with CASS or College of Alberta School Superintendents”.

Reservations may be made by calling toll free: 1-888-875-4667 or hotel direct: 403-236-7529, by email: reservations@dfic.ca or online: www.deerfootinn.com (enter dates on first page, will redirect to next page, click “add code”, click “group attendee”, enter group code , click “complete reservation” and proceed with personal information)