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2020 CASS Annual Learning Conference

54th CASS Annual Learning Conference

Conference Details

PDF  2019 Annual Learning Conference Highlights

The SLQS Professional Learning Committee is meeting in early December to confirm the design for the Annual Conference.  Please share your input and ideas with your zone committee lead.

CASS members consistently share they value the opportunity to learn from and with colleagues.  Your “Alberta Story of Practice” is valued and if you are willing to share please complete this call for proposal form by January 10, 2020.


Conference survey data from the FALL 2019 conference will also inform the Annual Conference design:

CASS FALL 2019 Survey Data – Sample repeated comments:

Aspects of the conference that participants found meaningful included: Bringing our attention to what really matters when times are tough;  Meaningful sessions with a good mix of presentation and ability to share/collaborate and Listening to other jurisdictions and the ways they are supporting student learning.

Aspect that delegates shared might be improved: Don’t leave world cafe at the end. Have it immediately Friday morning; More overt ties to research; More movement between tables in order to get different perspectives; More focus on the standards, and the complex responsibilities of the superintendent and It is important to attend as a team otherwise it is more difficult to implement an idea.

Delegates shared “One thing I require to further support my learning”:

Looking forward to accessing the links to the presentation slides; Follow up connections via technology would be useful. We plan on using the modules in house as well; To spend time on the resources on your web site as I have not used them effectively within my district. Keep sharing and putting up best practices around the province; Regular opportunities to have conversation around my professional practice and the professionalism of superintendent practices.

For further information, please contact Val Olekshy, Director of Leadership Learning volekshy@gmail.com

Keynote Descriptions and Biographies

Conference Reading and Resource Materials

CASS FALL 2019 Reading and Resource Materials

The intent of CASS Learning Guides is to apply research, deepen understanding and enhance professional practice within the Alberta context.  With a focus on optimum learning for all students, a Learning Guide provides an opportunity to grow system leader knowledge, resulting in quality school leadership and quality teaching throughout Alberta. Learning Guides include a summary of the resource, connections to the Alberta context and suggested questions for reflection and dialogue.

CASS Learning Guide on Essential Features of Effective Networks in Education CASS Learning Guide on Liberating Learning – Education Change as a Social Movement

Presenter Contacts and Resource Materials

World Café Discussion

Fall 2019 CASS Role Alike Summary

Previous Learning with  Rincón-Gallardo – March 2019


Santiago Rincón-Gallardo – Liberating Learning: Chapter 4 – Occupy the Pedagogical Arena
Santiago Rincón-Gallardo – Essential features of Effective Networks in Education

Fullan and Santiago Rincón-Gallardo past presentation materials




Conference Supporters


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CASS Professional Learning Goal – 2019-20

Deepening the understanding and applying the learning to support implementation of professional practice.


April 22 (evening) - 24, 2020


Conference occurs at the Fantasyland Hotel,
17700-87 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

Reservations can be made by calling (780) 444-3000 or toll-free 1-800-737-3783. MUST mention that you are attending the CASS/Alberta Education FNMI Conference 2020 or provide the group code number 6712646 to receive the negotiated rate of $159.00/night + tax.