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2021 Virtual Leading for Learning Program for Experienced School Leaders

General Information

General Resources and Presentation Materials

Teaching Quality Standard
Leadership Quality Standard
Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard

The College of Alberta School Superintendents’ (CASS) 14th Annual Leading for Learning short course for newly or appointed system leaders and returning Start Right Leaders who want to delve deeper into leadership development will be offered July 5-8, 2021.

 Schedule (more details forthcoming)

8:15 a.m. – Welcome and Launch into the Day!
9:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. – Session Learning and Collaboration
3:45 p.m. – Session Evaluation

Program Features

The Leading for Learning short course is designed to bring leaders together as a learning community to reflect on their own leadership style and education practices. This course offers leaders opportunities to:

  • Explore and experience the Leadership Quality Standard and the Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard;
  • Gain new ideas and resources through engaging presentations and interactive learning activities facilitated by Alberta educational leaders with a wealth of school and school system experience;
  • Engage in job embedded tasks and experiences linked to:
    • inspiring a shared vision
    • providing instructional leadership
    • supporting Truth and Reconciliation
    • leading change initiatives
    • mentoring and coaching for peak performance
    • team building
    • strategic planning
    • leadership communication strategies
    • stakeholder relationships and engagement;
  • Meaningfully address issues and challenges encountered by school leaders and develop practical strategies for action;
  • Reflect and build new leadership ideas for professional practice;
  • Connect with colleagues from other school jurisdictions to build an extended support network.

University Graduate Coursework

Arrangements can be made through Alberta universities to extend the Leading for Learning  experience for graduate level course credit.  Participants will be required to pay a tuition fee to the university and to meet additional course requirements. Individuals who are interested in receiving more information in regarding university course credit may contact Colleen Symyrozum-Watt at 587 879-7026 or symwatt.colleen@gmail.com.

The registration fee is $600.00 (includes GST).
Registration is limited to 50 participants.


Establish a sense of efficacy and confidence in newly appointed school leaders by providing practical, grounded advice.

CASS Professional Learning Goal 2020-2021: Deepening the understanding and applying the learning to support implementation of professional practice.


July 5-8, 2021