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Leadership and Superintendent Certification In-Service

Certification In-Service Update

All updates for LQS and SLQS Certification In-Service are provided here: https://abedleadershipcert.ca/account/login (login setup once and then you can get to the site at  https://abedleadershipcert.ca/)

PDF  Deputy Minister's Message re TWINS, Jan 30, 2019 PDF  Certification In-Service Communication, Jan 15, 2019 PDF  Pathways to Leadership & Superintendent Leadership Certification

CASS Updates – Updated February 15, 2019
Compiled based on info from CASS Executive Director and based on questions received.

Will more In-Service sessions be scheduled than are currently listed on the In-Service Site?

  • Yes. The schedule will be dynamic throughout the 2019 calendar year. As the LQSa & LQSb sessions that are scheduled from now until  the end of March are completed, school authorities will be asked to identify dates and locations for future sessions, and these will be added to the schedule as needed.

Will there be more SLQS Certification In-Service sessions scheduled in addition to the ones currently scheduled to be concurrent with the CASS / Alberta Education Annual Learning Conference in March and the CASS / ASBOA Summer Learning Conference in August?

  • Yes. After the Annual Learning Conference, CASS Zones and / or groups of school authorities will be invited to identify dates and locations for future SLQS Certification In-Service sessions, and they will be scheduled as needed.

Is there a pre-requisite to the SLQS Certification In-Service? 

  • Yes, System Leaders are the only ones eligible to take SLQS In-Service and it was determined by the Ministry that a system leader has to complete LQS before they take SLQS.

What happens if a person who is not eligible to receive Leadership Certification registers and completes an LQS Certification In-Service session?

  • The Ministry has established who is eligible to complete the LQS Certification In-Service (vice / assistant / associate principals and system <central office> leaders who are required to hold a teaching certificate). It is important to understand that Leadership Certification will be issued to those people who are eligible for and completed an LQS Certification In-Service session by the Ministry, not the Education Partners offering the In-Service sessions.
  • Individuals who complete a LQS Certification In-Service but who are not eligible, will not receive Leadership Certification.

Are principals, who will be grandparented with Leadership Certification, eligible to complete the SLQS Certification In-Service?

  • No. The Ministry has established that the only persons who may complete the SLQS Certification In-Service are system leaders who have previously completed the LQS Certification In-Service.

Are Department Heads / Lead Teachers / Teacher Coaches eligible to complete the LQS Certification In-Service?

  • Department Heads, because they work in schools, are not eligible to complete the LQS Certification In-Service.
  • If Lead Teachers / Teacher Coaches are assigned to a school or schools, they are not eligible to complete the LQS Certification In-Service even if they report to a person at Central Office and/or receive an administrative allowance.
  • A person who works out of Central Office and whose role is to primarily work in schools is eligible to complete the LQS Certification In-Service.

I am a System Leader eligible to complete the SLQS Certification In-Service and have registered to do so in March. I plan to complete the LQS Certification In-Service at a later time. Is this okay?

  • System Leaders are strongly encouraged to complete the LQS In-Service (LQSa or LQSb) before completing the SLQS In-Service. The Ministry has established the sequence of completing the courses and because the Ministry will be issuing Leadership and Superintendent Leadership Certification, completing the two In-Service sessions out of sequence is not recommended.

I am a Chief Superintendent and wish to complete the SLQS Certification In-Service as a professional learning activity, even though I will be grandparented with Leadership and Superintendent Leadership Certification. Must I complete a LQS Leadership Certification In-Service before I attend the SLQS Certification In-Service?

  • No. Chief Superintendents are free to attend either / or the LQS & SLQS Certification In-Service sessions as they wish.

I am a CASS member and plan to take a Certification In-Service session (either LQSb or SLQS) scheduled to be concurrent with the CASS / Annual Learning Conference and also attend the Conference on Friday, March 22. What must I do?

I am a CASS member and plan to take a Certification In-Service session (either LQSb or SLQS) scheduled to be concurrent with the CASS / Annual Learning Conference. Must I attend the Conference?

  • No. You would register only for the Certification In-Service session of your choice on the In-Service site (https://abedleadershipcert.ca/account/login). It is understood you would not attend any of the professional learning scheduled for Friday, March 22.

Who is eligible to attend?

  • System Leaders, other than the superintendent, and who have taken the LQS Certification In-service are eligible to participate in the SLQS Certification In-Service.
  • A current Chief Superintendent during the 2018 – 2019 school year is grandparented but may choose to take the SLQS in-service without the LQS certification for professional development purposes only. 
  • Learning Coaches and Classroom Support Teachers would not be eligible for the LQS In-Service, and therefore not eligible for the SLQS In-Service.
  • Staff working in schools must hold a Vice, Assistant, Associate Principal designation in order to be eligible for the LQS In-Service. Department Heads, Lead Teachers or Learning Coaches would not be eligible. To be considered a school jurisdiction leader, the person would need to work out of the central office.
  • Division Principal would be considered a Principal and would be grandparented with LQS Certification but would not be eligible for SLQS In-Service. The only, ‘unless’ is that if the Division Principal was in a permanent position at central office, and just happened to have the title of Division ‘Principal’. In this case, the person would not receive grandparenting, but would be eligible for LQS In-Service and SLQS In-Service. The superintendent would have to attest to the fact that the person in question was in that position on a permanent basis.

What is the difference between LQSa and LQSb In-Service sessions?

  • The LQSa session is primarily intended for persons who have never served as principals. This would include persons currently serving as vice, assistant or associate principals and persons working in system leadership positions who have not served as principals in the past.
  • The LQSb session is primarily intended for current principals taking the In-Service as professional learning and for system leaders who have served as principals in the past. The difference between LQSa and LQSb will be the context of the Case Studies that will be reviewed during the In-Service.
  • Any person eligible for the Leadership Certification In-Service may register for LQSa or LQSb, depending upon their individual circumstance (schedules, travel, etc.).

What Leadership Certification In-Service session will be offered at the CASS/Alberta Education Annual Learning Conference?

  • LQSb will be offered at the conference. If attending the LQSb In-Service at the conference, the Case Studies will also be informed by keynote presentations and the opportunity to attend with your leadership team.
  • The CASS/Alberta Education Annual Learning Conference registration fee will be reduced by $200 for those attending the In-Service session. The Annual Learning Conference schedule will be coordinated with the In-Service schedule to allow In-Service delegates to attend all keynote speakers and all sessions offered on Friday.

Where do I register for the Certification In-Service sessions?

If I register for a session by mistake through the official In-Service website, how do I cancel/un-register?

  • The Official In-Service Site is being adjusted so that persons who accidentally register in an In-Service  session may cancel their registration if they wish to choose a different In-Service session to register in. Until this is available, you may email mardi.veinot@ata.ab.ca to cancel your session.

Is the Superintendent Leadership Certification In-Service being offered at the conference?

  • In response to requests from members, the SLQS In-Service will also be offered at the Annual Learning Conference. Those persons who have completed the LQS In-Service in the weeks prior to the Annual Learning Conference will be eligible to register for the SLQS In-Service. The registration link for the SLQS In-Service is now live at https://abedleadershipcert.ca/account/login.
  • CASS is also committed to offering an SLQS In-Service session during the CASS / ASBOA Summer Learning Conference in August 2019, and other SLQS In-Services will be scheduled across the province as requested.

Recognizing the roll-out of the Certification In-Service Programs continues to be ‘a work in progress’ please contact either Naomi Johnson naomi.johnson@cass.ab.ca or Barry Litun barry.litun@cass.ab.ca with any questions.