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Professional Practice Standards – In-Service Certification Program

CASS in collaboration with the ATA and AISCA will be developing curriculum for an InService program for superintendent certification and principal certification. The In-Service opportunities will be offered through the calendar year 2019 and potentially into spring 2020. The In-Service programs will only be available to persons serving as a System Leader or School Leader in 2018/19. This information will be shared at upcoming Zone Meetings.

Dr. Naomi Johnson, former superintendent for the Calgary Board of Education, has been contracted as Director of Leadership Learning for CASS and will be the lead representative for CASS in the development of the curriculum for the Principal and Superintendent Certification Inservice.

The first meeting of the committee is scheduled for September 25, 2018 and the intent is to complete the work of curriculum development and facilitator guide by December 31, 2018.

Once the Facilitator Guides have been developed, CASS will make a call for interest to current and Life members, seeking to identify facilitators of the Inservice programs.

Tentatively CASS plans to offer the Principal Certification Inservice at its Annual Learning Conference March 20-22, 2018. Principal and Superintendent Certification Inservice opportunities will be offered at the Summer Learning Conference (Aug 13-16, 2018) and the CASS Fall Conference (Nov 6-8, 2018).

When sharing this tentative plan with CASS members at Zone meetings this month, it became apparent that school authorities, either individually or as group, will be requesting CASS to facilitate Inservice opportunities within the respective authorities over the course of 2019.


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