What is a Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan?

A comprehensive professional learning plan includes a number of components that support superintendents’ and system leaders’ professional practice:

Comprehensive Professional Learning Components:

CASS Comprehensive Professional Learning Practices:

Outcome for professional learning CASS Outcome:
Superintendent leadership supports quality school leadership and teaching to create optimum learning for all students in Alberta.
Plan for implementation and professional learning


CASS samples  linked

Superintendent Professional Practice Implementation Plan
First Nations Métis Inuit Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan
Superintendent Professional Practice Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan

Professional learning opportunities that enhance professional practice, meet the individual’s and group’s needs, and are based on the provincial context CASS professional learning opportunities are coherent  with:

  • Superintendent Leadership Quality Standard
  • Alberta Education Business Plan
  • Members feedback and input
Diverse approaches for professional learning based on effective design principles CASS Learning opportunities include conferences, one- day workshops, online resources, print materials and access for CASS  members to a private  portal with additional tools and resources.
Ongoing assessment and evaluation of the learning activities Informal (members conversations) and formal (conference/workshop surveys) determine direction for future learning opportunities.

Influenced and informed by  “A Guide to Comprehensive Professional Development Planning”, “A Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions” and “Learning Forward: Comprehensive Professional Learning System