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CASS and its members value research and recognize that decisions made based on research are sound and defensible. CASS thanks the authors of these reports for their commitment to telling their respective evidence-based stories.

This profile tool is intended to frame your reflection on your practice, based on the indicators for each competency from Alberta Education’s SLQS. Additional indicators representative of your context, your practice and your plans for growth may be added. Indicators may also be representative of Alberta stories of practice and/or emerging research.

Download all Competency Overviews (February 2018)  in one PDF file.

The Ministerial Order to formalize the Professional Practice Standards was signed by Minister Eggen on February 7, 2018. Click on the box to the left to access links to download all three Professional Practice Standards. There is also a link to the Alberta Education webpage developed to support implementation of the Professional Practice Standards.

Getting Ready for Implementation Workshop Materials

Nurturing a Focused Direction in Support of Building Capacity

  1. Facilitator Guide including: Padlet link to the Workshop Materials and Google Slide Deck

Alberta Technology Leaders in Education, or ATLE ( ) and CASS have collaborated to set the stage for system work in leveraging technology purpose, policy and practice in support of student- centred learning. Based on school authority involvement and this project Learning Guides were created to support implementation of the intent of the Ministerial Order on Student Learning and your own school authority’ s journey in providing optimum learning for all students.